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Oakland Equity Applicants

In the spring of 2017 the Oakland City Council enacted landmark cannabis legislation to promote equitable ownership and employment
opportunities in the cannabis industry to decrease disparities in life outcomes for marginalized communities of color and address the
disproportionate impacts of the war on drugs in those communities. The City of Oakland’s strategies to date have included prioritized
permitting for equity applicants, exemption from application and permit fees, technical assistance, and financial assistance via the Equity
Loan and Grant Programs.

Now the City of Oakland is seeking to advance opportunities for equity manufacturers by sponsoring two separate shared-use manufacturing
facilities for a one-year period through grant funds received from the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC).


 These facilities will provide equity
applicants with both compliant locations to manufacture products and support in distributing products to retailers.




Oakland has many resources for equity operators to guide them into running successful businesses. Some of the resources include grants, 0% interest free loans, technical and legal assistance and business coaching.


1. Grant/Loan Program & Coaching- Elevate Impact Oakland & Grass Business Coaching


2.  Technical Assistance Program- Make Green GO


  • Compliance Workshops

  • Subject Matter Experts


  • Business Coaching

  • Document Review

  • Business Plan Review

  • Compliance Related Topics


  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Business Plan Development

  • State of California Licensing Information


  • Sample Plans & Templates

  • Start-Up Advice

  • Industry Research

  • Legal Resources

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Funding Sources


3. Legal Assistance Program - Knox & Ross Law Group


  • Direct Legal Services

  • Free 1:1 Legal Consultation

  • Free document review and/or redlining

  • Case Assessment, Management and Outside Counsel Referrals

  • Legal Resource Development (this service is made available through the Equity Bootcamp Resource Library for Make Green Go)


4.  Workforce Development Funding (TBD)


Small Business- General

We are currently accepting new companies (09/15/21). 

Our kitchen is open 24/7. We currently rent the manufacturing space out on an hourly basis. Minimum of 4 hour time blocks, 1 hour of cleaning fee required in time block.

Open 7 days a week! Rates change based on times

Email Us To Get Monthly Package Rates

Monthly Package Includes The Following Services:


  • Rent- Time spent in fully compliant facility

  • Utilities

  • Access to all shared use equipment 

  • Dry & cold product/supply storage

  • 24/7 armed security of premise and products

  • Professional cleaning and sanitation services

  • Menu placement/transport and testing for all products produced in OCK at the in house distribution facility (Products must be at a reasonable wholesale rate, Additional terms apply)

  • 24/7 access for distribution drop off

  • Access to connections for sourcing (NEW discounted flower product available for operators in OCK)

  • Consultation and support system for companies

  • Turn key license access (Fill in the blank application for compliance)

  • Discounted COA testing (Provided by third party, may be subject to change)

  • Marketing of brands on OCK website and any other press and marketing resources that become available.


Success Program

The Oakland Cannabis Kitchens Success Program is included with the hourly rent. You will gain access to a wide variety of free resources including manufacturing software subscriptions, Master Manufacturing Protocol (MMP) Development, mentorship and guidance on how to create a successful cannabis company. 

Topics Include:

  1. Introduction To Oakland Shared Use Program

  2. The Oakland Cannabis Kitchen

  3. Oakland’s Equity Program

  4. Resources For Equity Operators

  5. The City Of Oakland’s Shared Use License 

  6. California Department Of Public Health Shared Use License

  7. Edible Guidelines

  8. Business Incorporation

  9. METRC

  10. Manufacturing Software 

  11. Payroll

  12. Insurances/Surety Bond

  13. Cannabis Market Share

  14. Distribution/Testing

  15. Sourcing 

  16. Budgeting

  17. Marketing

  18. Packaging

  19. Taxes

  20.  Industry Opportunities

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 3.19.28 PM.png

Distribution Services

The Oakland Cannabis Kitchen has an in-house distribution service.Our distribution service is dedicated to provide the ability to receive lab testing and help distribute products specifically made in our kitchen.

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